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Welcome! The Northern California Communist Bulletin Group is an organization of the international Communist Left in Northern California. The purpose of this organization is the defense of a communist political program and its accompanying traditions inside the working class. Our constitution in April of 2022 was based on agreement on the following points:

We are for the self-organization of our class; the meeting of what’s crudely termed ‘spontaneity’ with the development of the international party of the proletariat; the conquest of state power by the working class and thereafter its total transformation of the social and economic fibre of society; the end of capitalism and of class society (communism), and in the interim all the small victories which are aspirant to it. But we are none of these things. We’ve no pretense to being a party, and certainly not of the aforementioned kind, a kind which does not presently exist; we are only a small group of individuals in want of it and the social phenomena it’s attendant to. We are in consequence looking to defend the political reference points for it in what ways we can, as a small part of those which all across the world are now grasping to do the same.

Simply, among the broader constellation of proletarians now making contact with the Communist Left or otherwise swelling the ranks of those looking for an alternate perspective, we currently take our place as a group of proselytizers, organized in a little organization whose goal is, on the one hand, the elaboration of this perspective among other members of our class, and on the other, an agitation for the advancement of our interests and the proper course therein—that is, for a deliberate and effective prosecution of the class struggle!

A more exhaustive outline of our views is in the “Platform” section of this website. Articles and statements can be accessed in the ”News & Letters” section, and aside what’s put on our website we produce a bi-monthly broadsheet, Adrasteia, distributed primarily in the San Francisco Bay Area. If what we say makes sense or you are interested in joining us, email us at We would like to hear from you!

What is the Communist Left?

Though we content ourselves to be known only as Marxists and communists, there is no such thing as a communist program today outside that of the so-called Communist Left. In brief, the Communist Left is a tendency derived firstly of the work of Marx and Engels, and which, respectively; takes the side of the followers of Marx over those of Bakunin at the rupture of the First International; takes the side of the revolutionary socialists (that’d thereafter be denoted especially by the use of “communist”) over the reformist social-democrats and patriots at the rupture of the Second International; and takes the side of the unremittant communists over the partisans of the then-nascent opportunist and class-collaborationist policies of the Comintern at the degeneration of the Third International in the early-mid 1920s. “Marxism” is critique of ideology and political economy; “communism” or ”socialism” is the long term historic program of the working class, and the society resultant from the conquest of power by the proletariat and its resolution of class conflict. Just as the revolutionary socialists in the Second International (at whose precipice in 1914 stood the Bolshevik Party and other smaller groups of militants scattered around the European continent, and whose tendency found expression here in such records as the Manifesto and Program of the Left-Wing Section of the Socialist Party of America) consecrated themselves to the defense of these things and consequently to pitiless struggle against the old social-democratic parties of the Second International, so too do we insist on pitiless struggle against the old official Communist parties of the Comintern and their offspring, seeing them as being just one half of the “official workers’ movement” that’d long ago crossed over to the camp of the bourgeoisie, and whose other half is represented by putrefying social-democracy. 

We regret these aren’t semantics—the self-assertion of our class runs directly through confrontation with forces whose sum includes these supposed champions of workers’ interests.